Allbirds New Running Shoe Pushes Boundaries of Sustainable Footwear

Natural materials and innovative technology come together as Allbirds pushes the boundaries of sustainable footwear with their new Tree Flyer running shoe. 

For many runners, the idea of running in a ‘sustainable’ shoe has typically come with the idea of sacrifice - on the quality of the shoe construction, the weight and comfort, and performance. 

Allbirds’ new Tree Flyer is a performance running shoe created at the intersection of innovative technology, renewable natural materials and instantaneous material circularity. The shoe delivers more bounce, more propulsion, and a 70 percent rebound rate helping to give runners more energy with every step. 

Utilising a first-of-its-kind technology, SwiftFoam™, the Tree Flyer has a cushioned running midsole designed to handle everyday miles, or tackle your favourite road race. SwiftFoam leverages natural castor beans, a renewable natural resource that has a 20 percent lower carbon footprint than the usual petroleum-based alternative. The SwiftFoam midsoles are approximately 30 percent more responsive, 25 percent lighter and require less energy to manufacture than Allbirds’ existing SweetFoam®. One of the dynamic results of using SwiftFoam’s low energy process is the unique marbling aesthetic on the Flyer midsole. No two midsoles are alike.

Weighing in at just 9.49 oz., the shoe has a sleek-fitting knit structure made from Allbirds’ signature eucalyptus-based tree fibre. This helps secure your foot for a performance fit while providing breathability and increased durability.

The Tree Fyler has gone through extensive development and testing - in Allbirds’ innovation lab and on the road. Over 115 runners tested the shoe over 6000 miles across a wide array of conditions and climates, to prove its performance. 

A true technical and environmental achievement, the Allbirds Tree Flyer has a carbon footprint of just 9.92kg CO2e, all of which is offset to zero. Nearly 100 percent of the excess waste created while making the midsole is instantaneously recycled to craft the external heel counter - meaning material circularity happens right away. The shoe brings Allbirds’ commitment to unlocking the performance potential of natural materials and manufacturing processes with a lower carbon footprint to life. 

The Allbirds Tree Flyer is ready to run circles around shoes made with plastic.