After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback on their range of socks, Allbirds knew that with a little bit of tweaking, they could use Trino material for underwear.

When it comes to cotton, 99 percent of it is grown using harsh pesticides and virgin nylon, on the other hand, is made from petroleum. Allbirds wanted to find a solution where clothing that is worn closest to our skin is the most natural. Thus, they looked to nature, as always.

The Trino material which they used in their socks is made from eucalyptus tree fibre and New Zealand Merino wool. They have incorporated the same material, which is not only better for the consumer, but it is also better for the environment.

The underwear range is OekoTex100 certified, meaning no harmful chemicals are in the final product. Giving the consumer a sense of ease when trying out this new range.

New Zealand Merino wool is a super soft material as well as being great for absorption. Eucalyptus tree fibre, on the other hand, has excellent breathability.

Allbirds Trino underwear range uses natural materials where you need them the most.