Previously a lawyer working in mergers and acquisitions, Alyce Tran was always a bit of an academic. She believes this is a direct result of her upbringing and her parents' emphasis on education. Her sister, Caroline Tran, is the market editor at Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

Growing up, Tran said she was always interested in fashion. “Like every other woman, I love shopping, but I think I just took it that one step further than my peers by starting a business in the space. I was looking for a compendium of work, and I couldn't find anything on the market that hit the brief, classic story really, so I spoke to Tania my co-founder about getting a few things made for us to use ourselves,” Tran said. Out of this conversation, the duo decided to make three products and produced a small run of product. Subsequently, Tran posted pictures of the products on Instagram and immediately people were commenting and asking where they could buy them.

Tran first met Tania Liu when they were both working as lawyers. Liu is in charge of production and merchandise planning, and everything else you see is by Tran. This includes; creative, strategic direction, day to day operations, staff management, retail store management, building store concepts, branding, and so on. Tran’s favourite part of the job is the pace and the constant change; she said it keeps every day interesting. Most work days for Tran include; going to the gym in the morning, then arriving at the office at 9.30am, meeting with a few of her team as needed, respond to any emails that she didn’t get to on the go, visit one of their stores, browse the internet, uploads a few Instagrams, discuss any issues with staff on production or dispatch of orders, and consider any developments in the infrastructure or finances of their business. “Basically, I just keep the business going and moving forward!”

The Daily Edited customer is someone who is interested in exclusivity, quality, on-trend, and functional products. They’re any person who might want to enhance their lifestyle accessories.

Tran said the biggest shift in fashion she is enjoying is the normcore and more casual styles. Despite Rihanna being her favourite inspiration, in terms of fashion, she is inspired by Lauren Santo Domingo.

For New Zealand customers, The Daily Edited are now offering next day delivery into NZ. Moving forward, the brand is continuing to expand globally.