Anna Francesca Blasser has been in love with colours, textures since she can remember. Born in Panama, Blasser was never a fan of school and always wanted to follow her own beat. She spent some time in SCAD, went to the New York Film Academy and graduated from Florence University of the Arts. “Fashion is sculpture, Im sculpting the body. Also, fashion is art and I feel nowadays there is no art in fashion. So, I thought it was time for a fashion revolution,” she said. Blasser added that making and designing go hand in hand. As the sole designer, Blasser said nothing is done without her seal of approval.

“I have my atelier, Rockatelier, with my sewing crew but I’m in top of everything. I help create patterns, figure out shapes, I like being hands on and all of the designs come from me.”

Heavily inspired by painting, Blasser explained that she also does mixed media on canvas where she gets to play with different materials. In particular, she loves Native American culture and their colours and nature. Shapes and textures from her everyday life also inspires her, but her biggest influence has to be her imagination. “It is amazing what one can visualise. Dreams inspire me too. I need to feel it in order to create it.”

The brand is now eight years old and Blasser plans to spread her vision even further and make people understand the power of imagination, the importance of art, and the beauty of colour.

Excited to embark on this adventure, Blasser has always wanted to go to Vancouver and is ready to show the public her vision. “I can take them on a journey and they can experience what I am all about.”

Blasser prefers her brand to be represented in one of kind boutiques or a special department. She believes there is nothing better than making something unique and she knows her customers would want to feel special when they buy a piece. “Nothing makes me happier than sharing a piece of me through colours and textures.”