Born in India, Srishti Kaur moved to New Zealand when she was nine-years-old. A passionate person, Kaur finds peculiar silhouettes and extravagant fabrics an inspiration and a motivator to get her creative juices flowing. Always looking to push herself out of her comfort zone, Kaur has taken every opportunity that has crossed her path and this has been key to her success. “I’ve learnt a lot about different types of fabrics and design techniques in the past few years from firstly obtaining a Diploma in Fashion Design and Practice, and secondly working for a rapidly growing bridal company in Auckland for 18 months,” said Kaur. While working in that company, Kaur started her own made-to-measure garment service with her eponymous brand Srishti Kaur Designs. “I had always had a passion for gowns, but working with bridal gowns perhaps gave me that direction and courage to pursue it. So, with a little nerve, I took a leap of faith and I took on an order from a relative to make her ball dress. That was the first gown I had ever made, and it was made even better that she won best dressed for it.” It wasn’t long before Kaur put her brand on social media which has seen hugely positive result. Kaur had found her niche of high-quality customised eveningwear that has now led to around 80 percent of her orders being placed through social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. However, after gaining a lot of traction, Kaur knew she was still only a rookie and didn’t want her brand to crash and burn, rather wanting it to stay on the slow burner while she upskilled and learnt more about the industry. “Most importantly, my aim was to push myself with each order to understand what I was capable of, as a designer, as a seamstress, as a patternmaker and as a businesswoman.” Kaur prides herself on having an excellent interactive service that is provided through every stage of the process. She starts by building a relationship with each client by finding out a bit about them as individuals first, grasping an understanding of their personality which later helps her design for them. On top of that, she also takes in to consideration any design or body specifications needed. Following this a few design options are presented before one or two mock ups and fittings are carried out allowing for design development and the perfect fit. Then it’s all down to the final construction. Each gown by Srishti Kaur Designs is inspired by beauty, feminine elegance and minimalism. This is supported by high-quality construction techniques, fabrics, and of course the clients themselves. “Our aesthetic derives from an intertwining of elegance and simplicity ensuring women are left feeling beautiful, feminine and empowered.”

Kaur is showcasing her debut collection ‘Shades of You’ at Vancouver Fashion Week in September. Excited to have her first international show, Kaur said she was even more excited because it is her first collection. “I am pushing myself with new construction and patternmaking techniques I have never employed before – not to mention elaborate fabrics and laces I’ve never worked with.” This collection has been an interesting journey for Kaur as she has learned a lot about her own design aesthetic and reshaping her business model. “Since my core business so far has been made-to-measure, there is always an intertwining of the client and my vision, which has been incredible, because each client pushes me out of my comfort zone and teaches me things I wouldn’t have otherwise learnt, but it’s not entirely me.” By showcasing her designs at Vancouver Fashion Week, she hopes to gain maximum exposure for her brand and recognition of her work and the techniques used. “I’m excited to network with other international designers and personalities. I want to represent New Zealand on an international stage for high-quality eveningwear, but most importantly, I’m excited for the personal growth through this journey which will help me grow my business in the coming years.”