Annabelle Wilson of Wilson Trollope


Wilson Trollope DESIGNER PHOTOGRAPH - Annabelle Wilson


Wilson Trollope designer Annabelle Wilson has gone from an Otago history graduate to a Wellington fashion designer.  Annabelle has the ability to pick up skills and has used her initiative when sourcing manufacturers for her samples and production. Although she does not follow trends too much, Annabelle has a favourite look at the moment, which is a jumper tucked into a longer skirt. Annabelle clearly loves fashion and is committed to her brand. At about three years of age Annabelle was not invited to her parent’s dinner party so she made her very first dress. Raiding her mother’s sewing room she made a bright pink tube dress with appliqué flowers from the garden cellotaped on,  in the hope that they would now let her attend the party. Annabelle is still in love with fabric, colour and prints. She describes Wilson Trollope’s aesthetic as feminine. The brand focuses on skirts and dresses with an interest of structured garments for the female form. Wilson Trollope will be featured in the New Generation show at NZ Fashion Week.


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