Twenty-six-year-old designer Emelie Hausler is a small town girl who grew up on a hundred acre farm. Her love of paddle boarding and the beach drew her to move to a small beach town called Wasaga Beach in Ontario. Hausler first got into fashion after not being able to find a swimsuit that would last throughout the years. It had to be stylish and durable, so she decided to make it herself. Growing up, her mother was good at sewing and would sew her dance outfits. “She taught me to have an eye for detail.”

Each piece by Emelia’s Swimwear is of high quality, sustainable, functional, and values comfort and style. “I value being ethically made, that’s why I chose to be made in Canada with recycled fabrics.” The made-to-order pieces are created by Hausler’s seamstress, Flor, and are designed by Hausler. “As my business grows, I hope to expand my team.”

The label launched three years ago in Vancouver while Hausler was laying on a small private beach. “I kept tugging and pulling at the new bikini I had bought a couple weeks prior,” she said. “I was frustrated with the amount of money I spent on it for it to already be stretching out and discolouring.” Hausler said she looked out to the Pacific Ocean and thought ‘I am going to create my own swimwear line’. The label’s name originated from one of Hausler’s friends calling her Emelia. “I’ve always thought it was a beautiful name.”

A highlight in her collection seen at Vancouver Fashion Week was the combination of blues and reds.

Moving forward, Hausler’s next goal is to attend Miami Swim Week and to open her own flagship store in Cabo San Lucas. Hausler is currently looking for retailers to stock her brand, as they are currently made-to-order through her website. For more information visit