BEAUTY SPOT: Simplenakedsoap

Simplenakedsoap burst into life on a small South Otago farm four years ago and have not looked back. These soaps are 100% handcrafted, 100% New Zealand made from 100% natural edible ingredients. This includes their own full-fat raw goat milk as a primary ingredient in their shampoo bars, body bars and foaming hand washes.

Simplenakedsoap is changing lives and giving everybody an alternative to the artificial emulsifier, stabiliser and preservative-filled skincare products sold today.

Simplenakedsoap does not conform to ‘the norm’ by farming as organically as possible. Their farms are spray-free, so their goats are always happy. Happy goats = happy milk = happy shampoo and body bars.

Simplenakedsoap Shampoo bars are famous for being plastic-free and waste-free. Moreover, the Shampoo bars do not need to be coupled with a conditioner. Simplenakedsoap is changing decades of bathroom habits and forcing others to follow
suit. If something is truly natural, there is no need for a conditioner.

Their Shampoo bars feature natural ingredients such as beer, chocolate, egg yolk and Nettle tea. These ingredients are no gimmick, they are deliberately selected to nourish, moisturise and condition, leaving your hair knot and tangle-free.


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