Bee Yü

Luxury skincare brand bee yü is now one year old and will once again be supporting New Zealand Designers at New Zealand Fashion Week. “This year we will be working with Adrian Hailwood again and Stolen Girlfriends Club. We launched last year at NZFW with Adrian Hailwood,” said the brand’s marketing director, Jeevan Verma. bee yü partnered with Hailwood and CARLSON earlier this year during Dunedin’s iD Fashion Week for an exclusive VIP show. “We wanted to host our own event that would showcase the best in fashion and the best in beauty – and we’re extremely proud to be associated with Hailwood and CARLSON.”

The Dunedin-based natural skincare brand uses a unique combination of pure New Zealand and International botanicals to create a range of bee venom and Manuka Honey 20+ UMF anti-aging products. bee yü have hives located throughout Central Otago. The initial concept started with David McClelland and was brought to fruition by partners; Jeevan Verma, Andre Shi and Sally Richards.

It all started with an idea to use the natural goodness of Manuka Honey to develop a premium natural skincare range, one that provides real benefits to women wanting healthier and naturally younger looking skin. “While there are other honey-based skincare products on the market many lack any real refinement, making it nearly impossible for any natural benefits to be derived from those ingredients,” added Verma. Quality ingredients at therapeutic strength are a key element to their unique formulation that is carefully crafted and balanced to provide optimal anti-ageing and nourishing benefits. One of the many ingredients found in bee yü is a high concentration of Manuka Honey at 20+ Unique Manuka Factor which is only found in New Zealand. “We include the right levels of bee venom to increase blood flow to the treated skin, stimulating natural collagen and elastin production and giving the skin a healthy glow.”

The development of their skincare line allows bee yü to fund projects aimed at future-proofing bees. All products are made in the South Island and don’t contain any parabens or other harmful chemicals.

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