Black Friday is known as New Zealand’s biggest shopping day of 2019 and is the place to go for all the best deals this cyber weekend. expects Black Friday shopping volumes to exceed Boxing Day sales.

“Overall, is up to 157 percent today on typical trading volume,” said CEO of, Justus Wilde. “This is heading to be our busiest day of the year, likely to surpass even Boxing Day at this rate.”

The best-selling products include electronic goods like printers, video games, headphones and in-car navigation devices. has also seen sunscreen sales increase along with beer coolers and adult Ghostbuster costumes.

In comparison to an average retail day, has experienced a 402 percent increase in sales for electronics and 330 percent increase in sales for sports and outdoor toys.

“Black Friday is still a relatively new shopping occasion for New Zealanders, so we have to wonder whether workplace productivity is taking a direct hit today across the country with the average time people are spending on up over 21 percent compared to an average week,” said Wilde.