Bondi Sands’ latest tanning innovation

Beauty experts Bondi Sands have announced the release of a new product which will be the next generation of self-tanning foams. Aero is set to hit the market and is pushing the boundaries in the filed of self-tanning.

The new product is a classic aerated self-tanning foam with unique modifications. The foam has a quick absorbing and fast drying formula for a quicker and more precise application of the tanner. In addition to creating a sun-kissed glow, the foam also hydrates the skin - walking the line between skincare and beauty.

Blair James, the co-founder of the company, released a statement of excitement regarding their latest endeavour. “As market leaders, our customers expect the latest in innovation. We’re excited to deliver the next generation in self-tanning.”

Bondi Sands' latest product is Australian made, and the brand has partnered with Farmers, Unichem and Life Pharmacy for retailing.