Focusing on revelation, clarity and purpose, Resort 20 is a collection of imaginative cocktail gowns that portray the daring yet sophisticated CAMILLA AND MARC woman.

With modest fabrications and classic tailoring, each garment offers a feminine, playful feel. The wrapping and layering offer softness, while the gatherings at the neck, wrist, waist and neckline define the female form. The collection colours include a summer blend of white, sunburst, vibrant pink and cobalt blue, with striking prints appearing on select pieces.

Resort 20 offers a dramatic appeal with a combination of voluminous dresses, classic menswear tailoring and cut out detailing, the epitome of a European summer evening. Additionally, the collection includes carbon black leather in shirting and flared trousers to add a contemporary element to nostalgic styles.

Complimenting the garments, Resort 20 offers robust slides and delicately-strapped leather sandals, colour-blocked shoulder bags and wristlet pouches, and a selection of custom-print scarves with typographic marking.

CAMILLA AND MARC embrace the imbalance of beauty and the imperfections that make women who they are.