After winning the green card lottery, Chelsea Simpson jumped at the opportunity to further her experience in the fashion industry. Before this, Simpson wore many hats at Stolen Girlfriends Club as their production manager, graphic designer, textile designer and social media coordinator. It was this contrast and variety of jobs available at Stolen Girlfriends Club that she loved. During her time at there, Simpson learned not to take life so seriously and when things are out of her control that it is best to focus on resolving issues rather than fixating on them.

Born and raised in the Gold Coast, Simpson studied Applied Fashion Design and Technology but originally wanted to be an Environmental Scientist. Her obsession with fashion started straight out of high school with a collection of No magazines.

She moved to New Zealand in 2012 but has now relocated to Los Angeles where she works for Are You Am I as their technical designer and production assistant. The brand’s name is an acronym for the creative director’s name, Rumi Neely. Neely previously ran a cult-followed blog called Fashion Toast. Simpson finds herself returning to romantic 90s nostalgia and said the brand’s ideal customer is Bella Hadid. Simpson said one the strongest trends she’s seen so far was the choker.

Working at Are You Am I has shown Simpson just how much impact social media can have on sales. Simpson works closely with Neely and the design team on developing new styles every week. Since starting with the brand, Simpson has rebranded their digital design presence and customer experience. Her next career goal is to work for an Haute Couture brand and eventually start her own design and production agency.