Chinese brand loses trademark for social disruption

A Chinese streetwear brand has faced legal action following accusations of disturbing the peace. MLGB, founded by Li Chen and Wilber Pan, was taken to court over their trademarked which is an abbreviation of a vulgar Chinese expression.

The court case was first approached in 2015, and now four years later, the brand has lost its trademark after it was deemed to endanger the ‘socialist morality’ of society.

While the Beijing intellectual property court did not rule in favour of the brand, the founders still hold a highly influential position in the Chinese fashion industry. The pair operate a second label, NPC or New Project Centre, which is one of the most successful streetwear brands in the region. However, Chen and Pan are not out of the water yet, as many anticipate a second lawsuit as NPC is another problematic acronym that could be seen to encompass the same issues.

As of yet, no additional suits have been filled.