Popular Japanese brand Uniqlo has begun to launch its latest project – vending machines for clothing at airports and malls across America. While they haven't released any details yet, Marisol Tamaro (Uniqlo's US marketing chief) has hinted that the vending machines will include "heat-retaining shirts and lightweight down jackets". The 1.8 million vending machines will offer garments in boxes and cans. Buyers can also return and exchange items under the same conditions as if they had been bought in a standard store.

According to Wall Street Journal, Uniqlo intends to introduce at least ten of the machines by the end of August targeting high foot traffic cities such as New York and Houston. It is extremely likely they will place them in the international terminals at JFK airport in New York.

"At the airport you don’t have a lot of time to wait in line and explore a store," added Tamaro. "We’re trying to understand where we can be more successful without making a big commitment."

However, this isn't the first time Uniqlo has dipped into vending machines, as it has previously included this as part of other marketing strategies across the globe.