Creeps and Violets

Dunedin based jewellery brand Creeps and Violets are proud to debut their latest collection for Winter 2019, Magic. Steph Miller, who is the sole operator of the brand and tackles every aspect of their line’s design and production, sat down with Apparel Magazine to discuss her exciting and eclectic new range.

“I think that Creeps and Violets' jewellery is for anyone that is wanting a unique and meaningful piece to treasure,” shared Miller. Each of the brand’s collections has a diverse range of products, ensuring that there is something to fit almost anyone’s tastes, and their Magic collection is no exception. The range varies from chic gold and silver heart sleepers to larger statement pieces and delicately moulded rings. Each of the pieces shares the brand signature playful and artsy aesthetic. However, the latest range has veered towards a slightly different tone. “Each season has a playful, quirky appeal to it, but this collection is a bit more romantic and elegant than previous ranges,” elaborated Miller. The designer’s recent international travels were a large inspiration for the newly debuted Magic collection. Having journeyed across Spain, Morocco and France last year the designer drew inspiration from the art and architecture she came face to face with. “Some of my favourite artists from the trip include Joan Miro, Cy Twombly, Alexander Calder, Jean Arp and Jean Michel Basquiat.”

It is so rewarding when you see others wearing something, knowing it has been made by your hands.

Creeps and Violets' jewellery has a unique edge in a saturated market as the items are all handcrafted from a design studio in Dunedin and made to order. Miller utilises a variety of novel techniques throughout her design and production process, resulting in the exquisite and exotic looks of her collection. “I don’t tend to sketch, instead just I play around with materials and see where they go,” she explained. Waxing, carving and casting are all common techniques utilised by Miller, giving each item a personalised flair. “A lot of the pieces are individually made and cast using a lost wax process making each piece unique. It is so rewarding when you see others wearing it, knowing it has been made by your hands.” The materials used also reflect the delicacy and quality of the brand. Stirling silver, gold plating and freshwater pearls in a variety of shapes are found throughout the collection.

Forever on the move, the brands next collection is currently in the works, giving customers a chance to continue to engage with the brand’s ever-evolving aesthetic. “I’m currently designing and creating our Summer Sprint 2020 collection which will be released in September.”