The clean beauty trend has reached the Asia-Pacific region as consumers are becoming more interested in purchasing cruelty-free products.

Multinationals in the cosmetics and toiletries industry are aware of the growing trend in cruelty-free products and are revamping their range.

GlobalData’s 2019 Q3 Consumer Survey found that 24 percent of consumers look for vegan products and want manufacturers to incorporate more natural, clean and sustainable ingredients.

“Rising concerns among consumers green chemistry with the desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle has given rise to the concept of organic and cruelty-free beauty products,” said GlobalData’s consumer insights analyst, Namrata Sain. “The future of clean beauty not only claims to be accredited natural or organic but also should be aligned towards a healthy lifestyle. Brands who are putting consumers’ health at the forefront are getting more traction with cosmetics free from allergens and infused with natural oils in an increasingly competitive market.”

Consumers are looking for paraben-free products while respondents look for silicone-free products. Drunk Elephant is a popular clean beauty brand that has cut down on essential chemical oils, drying alcohols, silicone and fragrances.

“As consumers continue to scrutinize the various components in the products they put on their skin, zero irritants will become the new standard of natural beauty with increased demand for stripped-back, clean ingredients in the cosmetic sector,” Sain added.