Deadly Ponies Presents A Fully Circular & Recycled Collection

Deadly Ponies' Recycle Initiative, which launched in June, allowed the brand to collect pre-loved pieces from their customers to repurpose and recycle into new leather goods. This is a conscious effort to close the loop, now, Deadly Ponies present their Recycle Collection.

The Recycled Collection is handcrafted from 100 percent recycled leather, silk and solid brass in full circularity.

The collection explores four limited edition pieces; a silk eye-mask, leather sunglasses case, leather coaster set and custom-designed brass handcrafted in collaboration with local artist, Hannah Valentine.

Along with this, Deadly Ponies pledge to donate 10 percent of profits to their 2020 partner, Dress For Success New Zealand.

“Partnering with Dress For Success felt like the perfect alignment for us. When starting out with the initial concept for the Recycle Initiative, we always knew that we wanted this collection to support our community,” said Steven Boyd CEO of Deadly Ponies.

Repurposing materials have been intertwined throughout the brand’s collections over the last 15 years, however, being able to do so on a larger scale has long been the ambition of the company’s Directors.

The opening of their new custom-built atelier earlier this year has enabled this vision to come to life; with each product in the collection hand-crafted by Deadly Ponies’ small team of artisans.

“We’ve been very strong on repairing our bags to give them the longest life cycle possible, but in some instances, they’ve lived a full life. Rather than sending them to landfill, we wanted to find a way to incorporate them into a new product or item for people to enjoy and love for years to come."

This collection celebrates not only the leather and the history of the products Deadly Ponies make, but also the craftsmanship out of their atelier.

The limited-edition collection is available exclusively online for pre-order from Thursday 27th August, with the capsule available in Deadly Ponies stores from early September.