DHL Express makes strides in sustainability

One New Zealand is proving that they are serious about reducing their carbon footprint. DHL Express, one of the country’s most well-used logistics and delivery services, has made new strides in ensuring more sustainable business practices for themselves and their clients.

The delivery service has launched three electric vehicles in the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch areas which will be used for pick-up and delivery services around the country. This development is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 80 percent, making it a worthy investment for the company.

The New Zealand Country Manager for DHL Express, Mark Foy, released a statement celebrating the brand’s investment in New Zealand’s future. “The decisions we make today will have an impact on the future generation and therefore it is critical for us to make the right decisions today,” said Foy. “We are committed to delivering excellent service to our customers and working with them to achieve sustainable growth.”

The investment had been partially funded by the New Zealand Government through its Low Emissions Vehicles Contestable Fund. The brand intends to launch an array of new services which will further assist them in reaching their sustainability goals, including e-mobility and green delivery solutions.

DHL Express has communicated their intent to reduce all of their company’s logistics-related emissions to net zero by the year 2050.