After our e-commerce feature last month, we decided to test out a number of online retailers. Overall we had several great and speedy experiences, but surprisingly it only took one sour apple to ruin the experience. Beauty giant Sephora left us and over 5000 others in the dark when they were overwhelmed by complaints and didn’t respond to either calls or emails. Though we finally got our order over two weeks later we still have no explanation of what the problem was, nor should we continue to ask according to them. “You have your order what else is there to say”, was the response when we continued to ask questions. Find out more on page seven.

The holiday season is here and that means checking your security strategy. Retail theft is New Zealand’s $1.3 billion problem. We have put together a short security guide to help keep yourself, your products and your customers safe. It is important to remember that theft is not seasonal and maintaining a strong security strategy is crucial to any retailer big or small.

For our last issue of 2016, we’ve compiled a who’s who A-Z feature which you can find across pages 10-13. And what would the end of the year be without thanking you for your continued support of NZ Apparel. As always at the end of the year we clear out our file copies and this year have opened some old files and had a laugh about how much has changed and conversely how little has changed. With our 48th birthday coming up next year we’d love to steal any old copies (particularly 1980’s) that you might have and we’ll feature a few highlights next year.

Finally, my joke of the month: President-elect Donald Trump was at Disneyland and his security team were on the lookout for assassins in the area. One guard jumped up from his seat when he spotted a sniper, shouting “Donald Duck!”