Editor’s Pick: Danni Barnes-Anderson

This young fashion enthusiast has transformed from a typical fast-fashion consumer to an innovative designer committed to influencing the industry she loves. “When I began to really understand the fast fashion industry I found my passion and had a goal to change my habits and focus the rest of my degree on designing and creating clothing with a purpose and a story,” explained Danni Barnes-Anderson. “I aim to influence designers and consumers to make better decisions.”

For Barnes-Anderson, her journey to becoming an industry influencer began with her graduate collection. The emerging designer set herself a challenge to incorporate sustainability into her collection, without sacrificing on style. “All of the garments were made completely from deadstock fabrics, low waste patterns and some are even naturally dyed,” elaborated Barnes-Anderson. While sustainability is seen as a challenge for many designers, this young creative saw it as an opportunity to combine two things she is passionate about; design and the environment. “Seeing the collection come together knowing that each piece completely spoke to my values was the most amazing feeling.” Barnes-Anderson has found inspiration in brands which incorporate meaning into their designs and are committed to making a difference in the industry, the people who she one day hopes to mirror.

Looking into the future, Barnes-Anderson is preparing to embark on an internship she was awarded by Hawes & Freer and following that she intends to start to make a name for herself and her brand, Danni Rose. “I would love to have my own store in the future, but for now I’m fresh out of University, so I really just want to gain as much experience as possible,” reported the emerging designer. She will carry this experience into the next stages of her career, where she “aims to help inspire and influence others to make a conscious effort in improving the fashion industry, whether that is buying, creating or even designing.”