Sean Kettle, AUT

When it comes to designing clothes emerging designer Sean Kettle believes in presenting unique collections that have a specific point of view. “Make as much of a statement as you can, as you have nothing to lose,” said the designer. Kettle applied this viewpoint into the creation of the graduate collection he presented at iD Dunedin Fashion Week. “My collection explored the relationship between sculptural purity and raw sombre depth through dressmaking,” he shared. To bring this idea to life, Kettle implemented a variety of unique techniques. “I cut bonded leather into dramatic forms which are informed by the minimalistic volumes of Cristóbal Balenciaga and painted bright pop colours,” explained the designer. Other inspirational designers for Kettle include Alexander McQueen, who he said greatly informed his stylistic choices. “McQueen was the first designer who made me want to tell stories through cutting and challenge how you view fashion.” Other techniques which featured in the collection included hand dyed gradients, raw hems and spray painting. “The highlight of the collection for me was a dress which consists of blue leather and spray-painted organza, the juxtaposition of the materials and the animalistic way it is cut resulted in an interesting look.”

Kettle recently graduated from the Auckland University of Technology and expressed his desire to one day open his own store. “I would like to have a store one day, as I think the physical act of shopping will always surpass online shopping,” he divulged. Kettle is eager for his brand to stand out against the background of fast-fashion. “The lacklustre state of contemporary fashion provides great opportunity to make a statement.” The designer expressed that his inspiration can come from so many different avenues, anything that is theatrical and has a sense of wonder has the potential to inform this designer’s process.