Editor’s Pick: Georgia Fielding

“I have always been excited by the way fashion celebrates human expression and individuality and was drawn to the idea of becoming a designer in an industry with few creative boundaries,” shared Fielding. The emerging designer started her career by attaining a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in fashion design, which is where she discovered the area of the industry, she is now most passionate about. “During my studies, I have become acutely aware of the negative impact the fashion industry has on both the environment and self-worth,” explained Fielding. Fielding is now dedicating her career, and her eponymous brand, to helping to reduce these harmful aspects of the industry by focusing on inclusive, sustainable and transparent branding. 

Fielding’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection embodied this sustainable approach to fashion, as it was created using repurposed materials and is designed to be both gender neural and size inclusive. “The garments include design features such as asymmetric cuts and raw hem finishes, going against the tailored standard we are so used to seeing in high-end fashion,” she said. To create the collection, Fielding drew on her profound industry knowledge, which she gained through her studies as well as through her various internships. “During my first year of study, I worked under Robyn Dowdall, constructing garments for Tarnished Frocks and Divas.”

I gained valuable knowledge about the process of styling and coordinating outfits to fit within a given theme and the importance of this when creating an overall look and concept.

The emerging designer is looking to continue to push her inclusive and sustainable brand and sees great opportunity in the industry for a label such as hers. “As we are beginning to see a shift in the buying habits of consumers towards ethical and sustainably sourced fashion, the demand for this continues to rise, with the opportunity to create a brand that demonstrates these core values.”

Fielding’s collections are currently available from High Street Boutique in Tauranga on a made to order basis, where she is working on expanding her holding. I have“have plans to create a multifaceted, shared workspace in the coming months that will provide a studio and retail space for both emerging and aspiring designers in the Bay of Plenty.”