Same-Sex Parenting Campaign For Mother’s Day

New Zealand baby company Babu has launched a same-sex parent campaign in the lead up to Mother's Day. The new campaign celebrates and promotes marriage equality, acceptance and tolerance for all parents regardless of their sexual orientation. Babu feels strongly about the topic of same-sex families and the need for other retailers to be more inclusive of same-sex families in their promotional material and advertisements. By acknowledging diverse family situations, Babu is giving same-sex families the same recognition and representation in a step forward for embracing a wider community.

"Whether you have two mummies or two daddies is irrelevant, love cannot exist without equality. That's why as a business owner I feel strongly about creating an environment that encourages and embraces diversity, especially in the workforce. Our Mother's Day campaign is designed to accurately represent all families on a whole. Here at Babu, we believe that love is the collective sharing of values such as diversity, acceptance and inclusivity for all," said Ali Hui, Babu founder.