Editor’s Pick: Max Duncan

Passion is the key to emerging designer Max Duncan’s success. He has translated his passion for creativity, design and innovative presentations of self into his work as a designer, and most recently into his collection ‘Curtains of a Candle’. “I tell stories. I dissect the details but explore the vision,” articulated Duncan. The story he told with this latest collection was extremely philosophical, tackling man’s relationship with life and death. The emerging designer described Romantic-Gothic as the visual language of his presentation, and he incorporated a variety of design techniques to achieve this aesthetic. “Deconstruction and tailoring allowed me to form a dark and sharp cut which was used in the bias dress, while satin silks and silk georgette allowed it to move freely,” explained Duncan. “Boning in the male’s trousers allowed me to render a skeletal aesthetic, which can also be seen in the opposing looks spinal wings.”

To bring his collection to life, Duncan applied the skills and lessons he had learnt from his time at Massey University and as an intern. “Interning for Kowtow I learnt that big brainstorms aren’t underrated – they’re amazing, and they set the tone,” related the young designer. Design for Duncan is about both technical skills and vision. “Sewing is a necessary skill to learn if you want to develop your design skills further,” he expressed. “But I also want to marry fashion, music and performance in a way that everyone can experience and enjoy.” Duncan’s intentions as an up-and-coming designer are complex, and he is prepared to tackle the challenges ahead of him, both in the creative and technical spheres. “I will begin selling online in the near future, but for now I am beginning to soundly use social media as it is a useful tool for marketing and sales.” The emerging designer intends to continue to expand his business and home in on his skills, and fortunately for him, he never falls short of inspirations. “Anything can inspire me if I keep looking up and out.”