This psychological thriller will have audiences on the edge of their seats as director Neil Jordan presents the story of an obsessive stalker who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, or who she wants.

The film’s costume crew included Jodi Bowers, Nicola Flynn and Amy Kerslake, who combined their expertise to create a truly unique costume experience. The costuming for Greta, the elderly psychopath who begins to stalk, torment and ultimately capture young Frances McCullen, is at first rather sweet. The old French woman wears a collection of coats, gloves and hats which make her appear stylish but in a rather classic and at times dated way. Her manner of dress is distinctive but not peculiar, allowing audiences to pick her out from a crowd but those within the world of the film would not find her odd.

As the film becomes more unsettling, and Greta becomes a figure to be feared, her costuming becomes even more powerful. Her silhouettes can be easily made out, and as she stalks young Frances we get only a glimpse of her hat, the bottoms of her coats or her shoes but we are certain it is her. By giving this character such a recognisable style of dress, the costume department was able to enhance the movie, adding to the thrills and chills.

Her dated appearance fits in well with her methods of madness. Greta is not particularly gruesome; rather she turns to capturing Frances as she manipulates and traps the young woman into acting as her own obedient and subservient child. She is much like a controlling and overly strict mother, except with the crazy volume turned up. Her costuming helps to bridge the gap between the normal and the strange, and her apparel becomes synonymous with her character, she would not be the same wearing anything else.