Editor’s Pick: Pera May

Creativity has always been a part of Pera May’s life. “I grew up in an artistic family environment, where all types of art and design were encouraged. Art in my family represented feelings, emotions, visuals and all things that words sometimes cannot express,” disclosed May. Eventually, this creativity was honed in on and channelled into fashion design. 

When it comes to her design process, May combines her passion for fashion with her moral viewpoints to create collections which give confidence to her clients. “It’s one of my strongest desires to empower every single human being to be the best version of themselves and express their freedom, individuality and personality through happy, bold and confident dressing,” articulated May. The young designer incorporated these values into her seventeen-piece graduate collection. The collection was entitled ‘You have just been Phunked!’ and projected a free-spirited vibe while also appearing high-end and commercial. “The intent behind this collection was to try and inspire others to not think of dressing as an everyday task, rather as a way to creatively articulate who they are without even having to speak,” May explained. From the concept to the fabric choice and even the construction, joy and passion was a core part of the collection’s evolution. May even created her own original ‘Get Phunked’ fabric textile as a way to insert her personality into the range.

"You think big, I think bigger!"

Looking ahead, May is eager to pull together all that she has learnt through her degree and her many internships and make a name for herself in the industry. “My biggest opportunity is to gain experience and never set limitations on myself and my learning. I’m ready to fail a few times in order to progress a lot more, which will hopefully bring new opportunities,” said the designer. May’s motto is simple but will carry her into a prosperous career without limitations: “You think big, I think bigger!”

For more information email perakatemay@gmail.com or follow her journey on Instagram here.