Editor’s Pick: Sophie Ward

Sophie Joy

Sophie Ward decided to tell a very personal story through her graduate collection for Massey University. “The story behind my collection was a dedication to my mother who passed away in 2017,” explained Ward. The young designer combined her highly personal concept with the technical knowledge she had accumulated from her time at university; creating a presentation which was able to communicate both love and grief simultaneously. “I drew inspiration from my mother, taking her favourite colour, pink, and her favourite flowers, which I expressed through digital embroidery. There was a focus on textures and colours which brought a sense of comfort with every touch,” she added. “I wanted to bring glamour to the everyday without the sacrifice of comfort.”

“I wanted to bring glamour to the everyday without the sacrifice of comfort.”

The result was a chic and feminine collection which combined modern style with timeless sophistication. Ward found it immensely satisfying to see her collection come together so precisely. “My highlight was seeing my plan come together at the photo shoot,” she said. “Everything I had imagined was right there in front of me, and it was cool to be able to step back and take it all in.”

This collection had been a long time in the making for the emerging designer, whose passion for the fashion industry had been growing since she was a child. “I have been into fashion from a young age, and have always been very particular about what I wore,” expressed Ward. “I was 14 when I decided, without a doubt, that I was going to Massey to study fashion and become a designer. And that is exactly what I’ve done.” 

With her graduate collection complete, Ward is now looking forward and is making strides in becoming the designer she had always dreamed of. “A big challenge I think will be to create a name for myself in the industry,” she articulated. Ward is currently operating under the brand Sophie Joy and is dedicated to improving her industry knowledge to make the brand as successful as it can be. “The ability to problem solve and have perseverance are definitely the most important things I have learnt. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you have to improvise, but if you stick to it you can make it work.”  Ward is eager to expand her brand, but for now is looking on ways of improving her craft. “I would definitely love to have a store eventually. For now, I just want to gain more experience.”