Denim basics are more exciting than ever!  Pretty, colourful embroidery is the new, on-trend way to embellish denim.  Embroidered denim has been popular with both high-end designers and high-street brands.  The denim embroider trend started with denim jackets, which are predominantly embroidered around the yoke.  The trend has progressed to other denim items, and is now popular on denim skirts (mainly A-line shapes), jeans and shorts.  Jeans feature embroidery down the side of the leg or around the waist.  Embroidered jeans, skirts and shorts are generally embellished with embroidery only on the front, leaving the back unadorned.  The trend is less popular with denim overalls and denim dresses.  

Embroidery is prevalent a variety of colours and designs, but is mainly floral and feminine.  Floral imagery is the most popular embroidery design, and uses bright hues and feminine designs.  Pricing for embroidered denim varies from medium to high, depending on the brand, but does not differ greatly from denim without embroidery.  
Denim is also currently embellished with patches (sold both pre-attached and separate), and with painted or printed designs, although embroidered denim is the prevalent trend.