Here's the lowdown on the latest trends in SS2020 children's footwear from Italy's Expo Riva Schuh.


A shoe that connects to your smartphone? It might be a novelty, but it's part of a growing trend for increased connectivity. Innovative and in sync with the times, keep an eye out for 'smart' clothing'.

Slip-on sneakers

A noticeable addition to the boys' shoe market is the slip-on mechanism, found at ERS on both sneakers and platform shoes. The perfect combination of comfort, quality, style, and ease-of-use for little ones.

Sporty-chic style

For the girls, the most popular trend was the 'sporty-chic' style, featuring sandals embellished with drawings, coloured patterns, and lively details such as bows and glitter, to be always glamorous on every occasion.