Famous Footwear’s approach to customer loyalty

With the right incentives, loyalty programmes can offer benefits to both companies and consumers. One brand refreshing their approach to loyalty accounts is Famous Footwear, who have debuted their new program which aims to capture and retain digital shoppers.

The new scheme has been called ‘Famously YOU Rewards’ and has been launched after extensive market research focused on what costumes value most in their loyalty programs. The brand's research led them to implement the following rewards for their customers:

  • A revitalised point-system.
  • A two-tiered program structure, whereby customers who spend $200 in 12 months earn their points 50 percent faster.
  • Free Shipping every day with no minimum purchase required.
  • Early access to new collections and exclusive sales.
  • Birthday rewards.
  • A charitable partnership

Costumer connection was the key focus in this loyalty programme, and the brand is confident that this new scheme is a step in the right direction. Molly Adams, president of the company, released a statement elaborating upon this new venture. “We saw a significant opportunity to improve how we connect with our customers,” she declared. “We’re increasing our focus on customer loyalty to ensure members feel valued, are rewarded with our best savings, and receive communications that are more engaging,”