Apple has released a new chat feature that allows consumers to connect with brand representatives directly. 30 partners are currently on board with the platform, and it is set to expand its reach to Europe, Asia and Australia. Some of the latest brands to join the customer service feature on iMessage include Burberry, La Redoute, and Men’s Wearhouse.

Unlike apps that already offer this type of service, including third-party apps such as Facebook’s Messenger, the Apple Business Chat does not require the separate download of apps or programmes for iPhone users. Also, providing users with security to protect their personal details, the chat hides the customer’s phone number – unlike regular texting or messaging.

Burberry is expanding support for Apple Business Chat globally and said the new experience would provide all the customer services powers shoppers expect, such as the ability to search for nearby store locations, place orders or check stock availability. The feature also allows consumers an easy way to ask brands about fit sizes or information about upcoming special events.

“[Business Chat is] a powerful and engaging connection with our customers. The majority of our customers prefer to shop on [Apple’s] iOS, and we always want to exceed their expectations when they experience Apple Business Chat makes communicating with us as easy as messaging a friend, creating an even more personal service,” said Ulric Jerome, CEO of

Following its recent partnership with Salesforce, Apple’s Business Chat’s expansion covers regions across the world, including in countries Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Switzerland and the UK.