With slow fashion on the rise, do you think fast-fashion is heading for a burnout?

With slow fashion on the rise, do you think fast-fashion is heading for a burnout?

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I think the key culture we need to address is the one of buying and disposing of too much clothing, whether it is 'fast' or 'slow'. Why are we embarrassed about wearing the same dress to two weddings? Why don't women wear the same outfit two days in a row? Of course fashion continues to involve and fashion designers reference each other's work but it is unfortunate that these references are presented as obvious and recognisable trends from season to season. The combination of being embarrassed by old clothes and the fact that old clothes are so easily recognised because of strong trends means we feel pressure to constantly be buying new clothing. Of course nobody thinks they can afford designer clothes because we all have unrealistic expectations about the quantities we should be buying. – Anon


Access to technology and the internet fuels the fast fashion industry, providing people with affordable clothing of latest trends, some of which are changing by the week at various retailers such as H&M. It is difficult to say whether slow fashion will even have the slightest impact on the fast-fashion industry in this day and age, especially considering that many people simply don't have the money to invest in designers who are working at their own pace. The prices are too high. Fast-fashion is easy and available to everyone. – Anon


I think there is now more demand for slower fashion as people are continually becoming aware of the effects fast fashion is having on our environment. I think consumers are starting to change their way of thinking and looking for well made, unique and original clothing that isn't the same as what everyone else purchases. There is something special about having a well made garment over a long period of time, the character changes the more it's worn. – Georgia


Yes!!! – Anon


I believe that consumers are becoming more educated everyday about their clothes and what they are buying. So yes, I think that fast-fashion is heading for a burnout with more consumers desiring unique clothes with a transparent background. – Anon


I believe that fast fashion will increase because it is sometimes cheaper to buy clothes that are made through fast fashion. Slow fashion will steadily decline. 🙁 – Anon