Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham lead this Fast & Furious spin-off, which sees the duo form an unlikely alliance. This bombastic action flick doesn’t take itself too seriously, so expect plenty of high stakes thrills as the musclebound duo chase down a genetically enhanced terrorist played by Idris Elba. In one sequence, Johnson abseils one-handed down a skyscraper before leaping fifty feet onto a bad-guy and using a machine gun to take down said villain’s accomplice. It’s that kind of movie. Idris Elba spends much of his time in fetchingly futuristic motorcycle leathers, whilst Johnson makes ample use of his sizeable and permanently on-show biceps by flexing them towards the camera at every opportunity. Statham is usually more modestly dressed and does his best to look like an equal to ‘The Rock’ by making sarcastic quips and holding big guns. This is popcorn material, make no mistake – but it’s great stuff.