Faux Fur Fantasy

Fashion retailer Boohoo has been under fire from consumers and industry players alike following a large faux fur controversy. It was revealed that the retailer had been selling a jumper containing real fur while marketing it to consumers as faux.

The item has been listed on the retailer’s online site since September of 2018 but has since been removed. The mislabeling of the product was discovered by the Human Society International, who sent the item for testing and reported their findings to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Boohoo claimed that their own internal checks revealed that fur was not present in the product, however, they have stopped placing orders with the item’s supplier. The brand released a statement detailing their commitment to getting to the bottom of this revelation. “We uphold our commitment against the sale of real fur in any of our products and continue to investigate the matter internally and with the supplier in question, and we do so as a matter of priority.”