Inspired by her design degree specialising in Visual Communication at Massey University, Charlotte Upton launched Fawn Studios.  Currently, Fawn Studios sells graphic prints online but Upton is looking to expand her typography, illustration and design skills to other mediums such as textiles and home decor. “I would describe my work as light-hearted and humorous as my aim is to throw something a bit different out into the world and if people like it then that’s great!” said Upton.Fawn Studio 2

Collaboration with fashion brands and working with other businesses is another area Upton would like to expand into. The importance of social media has been recognised by Upton who has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Instagram is most used as it is a really great way of showcasing work and interacting with international customers.

For more information, please email charlotte@fawnstudios.co.nz.