RADAR // Fiet



Originally excited about the idea of globalization, Tull Price found himself in a situation where he had to sell his company to a US publicly traded athletic company to keep it alive. Life was taken up more by management than product creation. FIET was a reaction, a desire to return to product, and create something special, unique and uncompromised.

FEIT, pronounced "fight", was founded by Price and his brother Josh in response to the global footwear market that has become saturated not only by poorly constructed, homogenized, synthetic shoes but shoes that created a staggering amount of harmful industrial waste. Not limited to footwear, FIET also hand makes accessories including leather wallets, watch straps, lanyards and ipod cases and cashmere scarfs and hats. FIET’s footwear and accessories are hand made by the world’s finest contemporary craftsmen using biological materials from the highest quality suppliers. No harmful chemicals are used. All footwear is hand lasted and all products hand sewn and produced in limited volumes to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum quality.

The Price’s appreciate a modern movement where excess is replaced by restraint and flamboyance is replaced by minimalism. FEIT’s design and head office is in New York with a flagship store in Nolita, NY, but they have a smaller base in the Price’s hometown of Sydney and FEIT’s first store in Surry Hills.

For more information, please email info@feitdirect.com.