Social media is taking over fashion week, and making the entire industry more accessible to consumers, with Michael Kors taking the reins. Michael Kors’ New York Fashion Week show was streamed on Twitter, utilising their second-screen functionality which   allowed the broadcast to be shown with real-time tweets about the show.  This online coverage is paired with a mini-web series, the ‘Kors Commute’ in which Michael Kors has conversations in the back of a limo with fashion industry insiders.  The web series was shown on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Michael Kors also offered a Shoppable Street Style collection, in which items from his new collection were worn by influencers, then available for purchase via Instagram.  Michael Kors’ New York Fashion Week show also heavily utilised Instagram, with Behind the Scenes and Front Row Snapchat Stories, which were taken over by Hayley Viera-Newton for the show.  There was also a Michael Kors NYFW Geofilter which show guests were encouraged to use.  Periscope has previously proved more popular for streaming fashion shows live, with more than 100 being shown on the online platform.