Five Minutes With… Tracey Samuel, Founder of The Bonnie Mob

Bobux has teamed up with UK clothing brand The Bonnie Mob, bringing three playful styles to their Soft Sole range.

Tracey Samuel, the founder of The Bonnie Mob, gives us insight into this collaboration with children's footwear brand, Bobux.

Samuel states that Bobux was an obvious choice when looking for a footwear brand to collaborate with. With shared values of family, craftsmanship, technical innovation and quality, the collaboration was an easy decision.

The designs in this collection are adorable, to say the least. Samuel says she was "inspired while on a family trip to New York during a stroll through Strawberry Fields in Central Park". The trip combined with her new fascination for John Lennon saw her hitting the drawing boards back in Brighton soon after her trip.

"I found myself listening to the song Imagine on repeat, it's just a song, a lyric, but those timeless words seem more relevant today than ever before."

The designs in the Bobux x The Bonnie Mob collaboration draws from Samuel's AW19 collection called Imagine, named after the song by John Lennon.

"Our AW19 collection embodies the sentiment of that song. Let's spread some love and kindness. After all, who doesn't want to live life in peace?"

There are three designs in grey, navy, pink, beige and milk, all colours that are seen previously in The Bonnie Mob's AW19 colour palette. The garments incorporate patterns of musical notes, rainbows and pandas, while each Soft Sole has the matching designs to create an adorable and cohesive outfit.

Samuel's personal favourite out of the three designs is the Peace Panda. "The engaging, tactile design gives little ones a shoe to play with; I just love to see a baby playing with their feet and giggling!"