Focus On Experience – Increase Sales

Solutionists’ clients grow their online revenue at two times the industry norm. What’s the secret? Continued focus on the customer experience with the goal to provide a seamless online and in-store shopping journey.

With the rise of mobile commerce, consumers expect to have an exceptional experience on any device. The entire shopping experience needs to be smooth and get your customers through the checkout fast. 40 percent of users abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load and even a second delay in page load time can result in a seven percent drop in conversion. It’s therefore crucial to offer customers a slick browsing and checkout experience. The process of conversion rate optimisation can help businesses understand what that is. It allows them to identify and implement changes that will make online shopping easier and more enjoyable, increasing the bottom line.

Another sticky point for customers is website content itself. Nearly 75 percent of online shoppers get frustrated when content is not relevant to them, but when they are presented with useful and relevant content, they don’t have to hunt around for what they want, which makes browsing faster and customers happier. Chances are they will keep coming back, and who doesn’t want their customers coming back for more? Personalisation can also lead to an increase in basket size. Solutionists’ clients on the MaxCommerce platform have seen an average order value increase of 18.7 percent utilising personalised product recommendations. What’s more, paying customers clicking on these personalised recommendations also convert 3.5 times better. Happier customers and more sales; it’s a ‘win-win’.

To create the ultimate online experience, businesses need a platform that can collect quality data on user behaviour and an e-commerce provider who will continue to work with them to identify opportunities and optimise the customer experience through innovative digital implementations. Conversion rate optimisation, page load performance, ongoing R&D efforts and support should all be part of the solution. And let’s not forget, personalisation is not just for customers, but also for the business. This is why Solutionists provide complete e-commerce solutions that are tailored to business’ needs and goals, no matter if it is a retailer, wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer.

Offer your customers something your competitors don’t. Whatever that may be, Solutionists are ready to join you on your journey to do exactly that.

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