From St. Xavier

One of the latest accessory innovations comes from the Australian brand From St. Xavier, who teamed up with The Metropolitan Museum of Art to create a symbolic and inspired capsule collection. Apparel Magazine was able to sit down with Chris Perkins, a representative of the brand, to discuss their creative process and the motivations behind the collection.

The relationship between From St. Xavier and The Met came about through a previous partnership the brand had with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. “We began a close working relationship with the museum for an exclusive capsule collection that aimed to reimagine art through a different medium. The collaboration was a resounding success, and it spurred a desire to continue working with like-minded organisations,” explained Perkins. The Met was able to challenge the brand to expand upon their creative processes, which was of great value to the label. “The Met has given us an opportunity to explore further the line where art meets fashion, and the freedom that comes from understanding art through a different medium has given us ample inspiration for many seasons to come.”

“Don’t be scared to put yourself out there! If you don’t knock on any doors, you can’t expect someone to open one."

For their latest collaboration with The Met, From St. Xavier was tasked with using fashion to interpret a selection of culturally significant eras. “Each design represents a unique cultural perspective from different time periods. It has allowed for a unique way to illustrate the rich diversity of art across the ages,” added Perkins. The brand was given great creative freedom by the organisation, whereby they were able to lean into their inspirations and create a collection which was both visually and symbolically stimulating. The collection included a series of bags which were inspired by Chinese mythology, The Crown of the Andes and other moments throughout history. The label’s signature beading and embroidery techniques were heavily featured in the capsule, giving their historical influences a modern twist. “By using the skill of our artisans and playing with different beaded elements to create texture, we were able to use the signature From St. Xavier aesthetic as a vehicle with which to translate the pieces of art in a new medium,” he said. The two organisations worked harmoniously to combine exhibition highlights with modern day fashion.

For brands looking for partnerships that will inspire their creative process and propel them into their future, Perkins was able to provide some humbling advice. “Don’t be scared to put yourself out there! If you don’t knock on any doors, you can’t expect someone to open one. Believe in your product and the intrinsic value it brings, and other people will too.”