Rose Owen of Goblin Babywear is an experienced textile designer who now designs and makes her own babywear collection from a home studio. Originally a side project while Owen, a mother of two, was on maternity leave, Goblin Babywear’s Facebook store took off when Owen’s desire for affordable high quality fabrics for her own children was appreciated by other parents.

The most popular Goblin Babywear design is a tiger stripe that is on t-shirts and sweaters. Goblin Babywear’s designs are graphic, modern and durable. Currently, Owen perceives a wide reaching trend of simple monotone prints, which is incorporated in her recent collections.

As a textile lover, Owen knows how to pick the right fabric that is hard wearing and comfortable. She is always on the lookout for new fabrics, so the Goblin Babywear range is ever expanding. Goblin Babywear releases a summer range and a winter range each year with a few extra pieces in between with prints. Owen is set to open an e-commerce website as a way of maintaining a low price point. For more information, email goblinbabywear@yahoo.com.