GUCCI’s Latest Campaign Celebrates Visible Disabilities

GUCCI has recently launched a campaign for their new mascara that features 18 year-old model, Ellie Goldstein, from Zebedee Management.

Zebedee Management is a UK modelling agency that represents models with disabilities and visual differences.

Goldstein has down syndrome and the response from this campaign was extremely positive. With mainstream ideals of beauty leaning away from any signs of physical and visible disabilities, GUCCI's campaign definitely made a statement.

Goldstein is seen in GUCCI's Mascara L'Obscur and their latest seasons turquoise-jewelled dress. Photographer David Hyde shot Goldstein for this campaign and states that this shoot had the goal to embrace diversity in beauty. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and there should not be a universal standard at all.

Hyde is also a photographer with a physical disability, so this project was definitely something he was passionate about. As a result, the photos for this campaign were authentic, relatable and undoubtedly beautiful.

Models with physical disabilities are being celebrated more and more - as they should be, and GUCCI leads the way with their latest campaign.

"We hope that the GUCCI campaign is the tipping point for an inclusion revolution across luxury fashion," states Laura Johnson, director of Zebedee Management.