H&M on its way to becoming an ethical business.

Giant Fashion Retailer H&M is planning on stepping up their sustainable game by setting major goals towards an eco-friendlier fashion industry.
The company, who hopes to give its most important suppliers access to wage management systems by the end of this year, aims to achieve significant changes in their production processes. Anna Gedda, who is head of sustainability at the H&M group, says that the enterprise already enables workers across their supply chain to have access to a fair job and can access a decent living wage.

H&M has collected 61,000 tonnes of textiles since 2013 through their garment collecting initiative and gives a new life to the donated garments through reuse and recycling. They also have the ambitious goal of solely use recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030 as Gedda believes that “A company of our size and scale has a responsibility as well as a great opportunity to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion and design industry."