Amy Schumer’s new movie is all about self-love, inner confidence and this woman, Renee, who suddenly feels like a top model after a hard hit on the head.

This movie, which addresses the hot topic of body acceptation, features garments that inspire happiness, youth and confidence. In fact, costume designer Leesa Evans, who also happens to be Amy Schumer’s stylist in real life, manages to pair colours, patterns and textures to create a look that aspires positivity.

“Having worked in fashion and style and costume design for such a long time now, I’ve learned, working with people in fittings, that when you feel good about yourself and about what you’re wearing, anything is possible,” Evans says. However, she is a believer that clothes can play a significant role in helping people to find their inner confidence. Renee’s wardrobe’s composition of bright and pastel colours, as well as bold gingham and floral prints, is an excellent example of how it can impact on someone’s assurance and positivity.