Iconic Hollywood Fashion Memorabilia On Display In London



‘Famous and Infamous’ showcases iconic Hollywood memorabilia amassed by former banker, David Gainsborough Roberts at Christies in London. It is a free exhibition which includes the illustrious slinky red dress Marilyn Monroe wore in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ and John Wayne's Stetson hat.

David Gainsborough Roberts spoke about his collection saying, “In 1989 I bought a Marilyn Monroe film costume from Christie’s and my life changed completely. Although I have always been a collector of antiques since before I could read or write, that day in 1989 brought out the serious collector in me. Although I have put on dozens of exhibitions worldwide, this is my first one with Christie’s.”

Other countless items collected for the show is a slice of Queen Victoria’s wedding cake in an inscribed presentation box from February 1840, cufflinks presented to John Lennon and a set of keys from the Titanic.

Famous and Infamous runs until September 2 at the auction house in London.

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