Twenty-three year old, Imogen Wilson grew up in the eastern suburbs of Wellington. Her primary school was near the beach and attended high school until she turned 17 and moved up to Auckland.

Wilson took up photography a year ago and still counts it as a hobby. Wilson jumped into the fashion industry when she was 17 as a stylist for a local modelling agency. She also interned at Lonely Hearts for their PR and marketing where she learned a lot.

Originally, Wilson wanted to be a full time stylist and never thought she would be taking up photography and directing a talent agency. “It’s all about evolving I tell people, don’t get stuck on thinking you have to do one thing forever. Realistically people our age can and will change occupation a lot, get used to it and it will be much easier to adapt.”

Earlier this year, Wilson produced a shoot that she styled and shot for Nylon Japan and soon after worked with Illegal Civilization from LA on their imagery. “That has been unreal as I am a big fan of Mikey and what he does. Those were the two companies I want to work for this year and they both reached out to me shortly after the new year,” Wilson explained. Launching The Others Agency with Angela Bevan is another project Wilson has under her belt that she is very proud of. “It has been one of the most rewarding and challenging things I have ever done,” she said.

Previously, Wilson was working as just a stylist and although it was fun and had it’s benefits, she began to get less inspired by creating fashion editorials. “I wanted to focus more on culture features and work with the talented people around me. I took some photos of my friend Annabel from Miss June for a Sydney site I worked for, and they turned out cool so I started taking more photos of bands, skaters and artists around me and it all started from there,” Wilson said.

Wilson is strongly influenced by streetwear and imagery that stems from that. By travelling to different and new locations, she gains inspiration and her some of best ideas. “Casting is the most important part of my work now, so I would say my friends and the kids I cast inspire me the most,” she explained.

When it comes to formal education, Wilson believes it’s all about balance. “I’m highly visual and the most untechnical person ever when it comes to taking photos. I’m in the process of trying to learn more about that side of things, some general knowledge about equipment and lights would be cool. For styling it’s more about having an eye and working hard. You can learn anything from the people around you, just ask for help and google a bunch.”

Wilson defines her style as laid back and candid in both her styling and photography work. Everything she does has an element of fun or effortless. “Even if I’m styling something more high end or glam it’s still got to have an unpolished feel.”

Outside of her busy work life, Wilson enjoys painting, drawing and creating jewellery. She believes that everything is about timing, marketing and being kind alongside working really, really hard. “Be organised and don’t become a creative to make money,” she added. Social media is a huge part of the newer generations lives and is no surprise that it impacts not only social but work as well. “A social media like Instagram is highly useful for any visual creative. You can share your work and clients can find you and check out your work easier than ever before. It helps push isolated creative communities like New Zealand into the palms of big overseas publications and designers, which I think is cool.”