Having started in the industry 20 years ago following gaining a fashion design degree, Margarita Politis decided that while she loved to dress people, what was inside was also important to create the whole which led her to Style Coaching.

“Style Coaching captures the magical essence of image consultancy and personal styling, and merges it with the powerfully transformative methods and tools of life coaching,” said Politis. “It also features all the key skills from the fields of personal shopping and even personal branding.

“Style Coaching is a holistic process that embraces the ‘whole’ person, inside and out! A Style Coach is someone who has been professional trained to be able to help others to enhance and embrace their physical appearance, so that it harmonsies with their personality and the messages they would like to express. They also help others to ‘love the skin they’re in’ through an understanding of self-image psychology.”

Style Coaching offers a uniquely layered approach, the surface layer looks at topics like body shape analysis, style personality colour characteristics, wardrobe makeovers and personal shopping as well as every other aspect of the ‘appearance’.

Deeper layers look at how appearance interrelates with the emotional states people experience on a daily basis like confidence, enthusiasm, motivation, inspiration and positive and negative emotions.

“As we explore deeper still, we see how these daily emotions affect the bigger picture of our lives, like our relationships, career, finances, health and wellbeing, environment, goals and aspirations. It’s amazing how our appearance can be used as the starting point for a massive change process. It can offer an incredible catalyst for Style Coaches who know how to nurture and maximise its potential.”

If you’re looking for an outstanding career in personal styling, but you believe that people are so much deeper than a reflection in the mirror, then Style Coaching might just be the perfect choice for you. For more information contact Margarita on 0800 111 505, email or visit