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Owner and designer of Shjark, Amber Gardner, shared that her latest No. 16 Summer 2023 collection was emblematic of the brand's philosophy of quiet luxury. Quiet luxury is a fashion trend that has come in and out of the spotlight, which has been maintained throughout Shjark's lifeblood as a brand.

The new collection can be described as having clean lines, classic yet undeniably modern, lust-worthy yet timeless," said Gardner.

Gardner wanted to deliver an uplifting summer collection to reflect Shjark's commitment to the timeless elegance that has defined the brand while remaining relevant and forward-thinking.

She continued that the collection was a culmination of pieces that make both the right statement for the summer season and could be a forever staple in customers' wardrobes.

Shjark's collections are an extension of Gardner's vision of creating complete, modular wardrobes that meet the needs of the Shjark customer.

"Needs and wants are always the starting and ending points in my design process."

This new collection nods to Shjark's founding ethos of prioritising form and function, offering versatile staples that can seamlessly transition between seasons.

Summer tends to be a more relaxed offering for Gardner than winter, reflecting the New Zealand lifestyle, as each of the materials chosen for the new collection is grounded in premium quality with practicality to take customers from the beach to a barbeque with ease. The range includes drapey linens and textured cotton for breathable, durable daily go-to's and fluid and flowing tencels that have been purposefully and artfully cut into occasion wear.

Coming from a tailoring background, Gardner prefers working with traditional techniques, with each item of clothing and collection having a refined focus on creating the perfect cut, either through tailoring or a bias-draped evening gown.


For this new collection, Gardner imagines that it is perfect for a Shjark customer who has an understated sense of style and appreciates the confidence and elegance that comes with wearing perfectly cut, quality garments that are timeless and polished while being perfectly undone.

She seeks pieces that resonate with her style and empower her to make a statement without needing to be loud or ostentatious.

"She seeks pieces that resonate with her style and empower her to make a statement without needing to be loud or ostentatious."

She continued that the Shjark customer would look for and cherish staple pieces with versatile styles that can easily transition from everyday wear to special occasions, a collection aligned with her lifestyle and embodying the brand's commitment to enduring elegance.

The new collection is a consistent aesthetic and growth from Gardner's previous works. Rather than making giant leaps between each, she prefers to have the new collection be a natural progression and evolution of ideas from previous works.

"I approach each new collection by introducing subtle yet impactful elements that breathe fresh life into the overall offering."

Continuity, consistency and coherence are maintained throughout each new collection, allowing Shjark's customers to build and expand their wardrobes where pieces from each collection can complement each other. However, colour and voluminous silhouettes can be noticed in this new collection, influenced by current fashion trends, which Gardner has said she has enjoyed working with.

Two standout pieces hold special significance for Gardner in her latest collection. Firstly, Shark's signature print this season has been a fresh and exciting addition to the range.

"While prints aren't typically prominent in my designs, this one strikes the perfect balance, boasting beautiful colours that seamlessly complement the collection. The fabric, milled and printed in France for us, possesses a delightful drapey quality, making it a joy to wear during the warmer months."

Secondly, staying true to Shjark's traditions, Gardner has designed a coat that stands out as a forever piece this season. The trench coat embodies a timeless classic, a grab-and-go showerproof essential with a fashion silhouette. Gardner continued that despite the coat's impressive presence, it remains light and travel-friendly, making it effortless to carry along wherever a customer goes.