Stone Row x JAGGER

Volcom launched in 1991 and Stone Row is Volcom Women's elder sister and is aimed at a contemporary market inspired by music, art and travel. So it makes sense that their latest collaboration is with Georgia May Jagger. Global women's design director Kelly Summer explained that Jagger has a passion for design and wanted to work with the label to create pieces that were missing from her personal wardrobe.

"She is honest and focused on what she wants. Plus, she is with us every step of the way through the design process. With a common influence from London and California, we are aligned on our inspiration for Volcom and Stone Row, so it’s been a great partnership. From initial concept, right through to the photo shoot, we have plenty of touch points with Georgia to make sure this collaboration is something she is proud of," said Summer. The new 10-piece capsule collection couldn't help but be influenced from Jagger's rock-star style. Highlights include an asymmetric slip dress, a metallic raincoat and a colour-blocked track jacket.

Jagger is the ideal Volcom muse as she represents someone who has a love for the ocean to skateboarding to music to art. Now working with her for multiple years, the brand said they were able to build an organic relationship and focus on storytelling. "Georgia has mass appeal and gets Volcom and Stone Row in front of a broader audience."